OPEN HOURS 06:00 - 22:00



-Fishing card / day; 230 kr.                                                        

-Summer fishing cards; 1050 SEK (valid from 27 June until 31 August)

-Annual pass; 3150 kr.

-Annual pass for young people (until the year you turn 16); 1575 kr.


Annual passes can only be purchased by members of Sportfiskarna Karlskrona.

Fishing cards (day pass) can only be purchased at

The fish cards are completely personal, i.e. other family members cannot fish on the various fishing licenses.

Exceptions; Children (under 11 years old) to a guardian with a valid Fishing License, have the right to fish on a guardian's fishing license when visiting Lake Lindwallska together. The number of fish that can be taken up per fishing day is 2. for children and guardians together



- Fly fishing or spin fishing only. (throwing ball counts as spin fishing)

- Only one rod at a time.

- Forbidden to bait hook, except with Jig or Powerbait.

- Forbidden to wade

- Catch & release is not allowed.

- Jerk fishing and mashing is not allowed.

2 pcs. total fish (rainbows and trout) may be caught on per fishing license. (Per day for annual card and summer card holders)



Registration of all caught fish must be made, otherwise we do not know when it is time to put new fish.


Only to be done in the parking lot at the northern end of the lake. Persons with a disabled card or with special permission may park in the handicap parking lot at the southern end of the lake. Official handicap cards must be placed visibly at the front window of the car to avoid parking tickets.


Keeping the area clean of debris and butts belongs to good sport fishing spirit. When leaving your place, debris, butts, and empty cans, etc. should be brought to the nearest dustbin. Fishing line should under no circumstances be left behind. Cleaning of fish in the area is not allowed.

When fishing licenses are paid, it also means that you as a visitor to Lake Lindwallska have accepted the rules at Lindwallska sjön. And accepted that the fishing guard can check that there is a valid fishing license and that the rules are complied with. Fishing guards have the right to expel fishermen from lake Lindwallska if the rules are not followed, if this happens, the fishing card fee will not be refunded.

All poaching in the lake is reported to the police, and the fishing guard has the right to confiscate fishing equipment if it is found to be appropriate.