Here is a small summary of buying fishing licenses online.



  1. How do I pay for my fishing license?


You pay with VISA or MasterCard at the end of the purchase process. You now have the option to connect your debit card so that the system remembers it the next time you shop and it becomes much smoother and easier. This requires you to register a user account on If you already have one of those, you can easily connect your debit card.


       2.How do I buy a fishing license?


There are two ways to do this

Register a user account (our recommendation)

This only takes a minute and then it is much easier to buy fishing licenses as you do not have to enter your name, mobile phone number and email when shopping. Everything is pre-filled and you just need to choose which fishing license to buy and when it should apply.

Do not register user account

This is suitable for those who may only have planned to buy fishing licenses once. You may then enter the details on your debit card each time you shop. You will receive the fishing license as sms and as an email. However, you cannot see your previous purchases in our system and must save your SMS and email as confirmation of the purchase. Our recommendation is to register user account. It will be easier to shop if you intend to buy fishing licenses on more occasions.

Whichever method you choose, your fishing license is just a few minutes away.

  1. Can I save my card details for easier purchases?

Answer: Yes, we now use the same technology as Appstore, Spotify, Google Play and others. This way you don't have to enter all card numbers each time you buy a fishing license. Once you save your profile, all you have to do is confirm that you want to pay with your stored card. Instead of at least 23 keypresses, 1 is enough.


  1. Do I need to register a user account on

Answer: No you don't need to, but if you know that you will buy fishing licenses more times, we strongly recommend that you register an account. It will be so much easier the second time you buy a fishing license.

You just need to log in and then most of it is pre-filled. The only thing you need to do then is choose the fishing license and when it should apply and confirm that you want to pay with your registered debit card.

  1. How is the fishing card delivered?

Answer: If you have entered your mobile number and email address, the fishing license will be sent both to your e-mail address and will also be sent as an SMS directly to your phone.

If you have registered a user account on you will find all your purchased fishing licenses under the button my fishing licenses.

  1. I have previously shopped on and had a user account. Do I need to register a new one now?

 Answer: No, you don't have to do that. Your old login details work in the new system.


  1. Do I need to have my debit card connected to 3D secure?

No, we don't use that technology so you don't have to enter a 3D secure password or have your bank box out in the woods to buy fishing licenses on

  1. Does it cost anything in addition to the fishing license price?

 Answer: Usually not. Most mobile subscriptions today have both free surf and free SMS. If you don't have free mobile surfing, the cost can be a couple of dollars. As usual, there will be no costs from your computer unless otherwise stated.

  1. Which cards can I pay with?


Answer: On you can pay with VISA and Master Card

  1. How do I prove that I have a fishing license?

Answer: If you are checked, either show the fishing card you received as sms or e-mail or show the fishing license you have printed. Each fishing license has a unique number that the controller can verify on site. Some fishing areas may require the fishing licence to be printed on paper in order to be valid.